Wendron Ram Buck Fair

Horse Show

Conditions of the Show




 The Committee reserve the right to cancel or alter any event.

 The Committee reserve the right to refuse entry.

 The decision of the Judges is final.

 A Judge/Steward has the power to remove a competitor from the ring as they see fit.

 Protests must be accompanied by a deposit of 50 to be forfeited if the Committee consider the protest.

 The Committee and the Owner of the Ground will not be held responsible or accountable for theft of or any accidents to persons or animals, or damage to vehicles or equipment.  Please note that the onus is on any rider who suffers a fall, or anybody who suffers an injury whilst on the ground, to report the details to the Show Secretary.

 Members of the public and competitors are reminded that they are equally responsible for ensuring that they do not put themselves or other people at risk and that they co-operate with the organisers in compliance with Health and Safety Legislation.  Your attention is drawn to the Ram Buck Fair Health and Safety Policy displayed in the Entries Caravan.

 All competitors will be charged an additional 2.00 with their first entry to contribute toward First Aid costs.

 The number given to the horse stands for the duration of the show.

 No refunds will be given after the class has started.

 Only officials appointed by the Committee, other than competitors shall be allowed in the ring (except grooms in certain classes).

 Competitors shall not canter or gallop outside the ring, except in the designated warm up area.

 A rider must not ride one animal and lead another anywhere on the ground.

 All riders must wear hats carrying the current approved standards and all hats must be securely fastened.

 All entrants to classes are deemed to acknowledge that they are taking part in a risk sport and that they are competent to ride at the level of competition that they have entered.

 No minor should attend the show without an accompanying adult.

 Age restrictions for all classes in rings 2 and 3  is age on the date of the show.

 Competitors must obey the stewards when entering and leaving the Showground and directing cars, lorries and trailers to parking places.